About IXT Mind

Contemporary Mental Health Therapy

At IXT Mind, we believe that psychological therapy is a high performance activity that can significantly benefit from cross-training. In fact, we believe that no singular mental health approach sufficient. Just like athletes, therapists need to train outside disciplines, all the while keeping abreast of emerging scientific evidence.
The IXT Mind Approach is a Synthesis of:

  • traditional cognitive and behavioral therapies
  • mindfulnes and third wave schools
  • solution focused positive psychological and motivational coaching
  • performance coaching
  • relevant health economics (for psychological therapies)
  • operational efficiency focusing on patient flow management
  • LEAN and CAPA (Choice and Partnership Approach)

IXT Mind provides a continually updated system, which integrates many CBT schools and takes an experiential approach to training and supervision. Developed by Dr. Rao, it’s aim is to create highly effective therapists in significantly less time than would otherwise have been the case if individuals learned the required skillsets sequentially.