Adult ADHD is a disorder of unrealized potential!  

Adults with ADHD have different challenges compared to children with ADHD: their difficulty with attention is greater than the problem of hyperactivity.  

This leads to: 

  • disorganization 
  • underachievement  
  • low confidence 
  • low self-esteem  

 A staggering 14.4 million adults in North America suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which would be about 44000 in the city of Ottawa alone. 

A hundred years ago our world was far less complex. Economic development and digital interconnectivity have increased the amount of information flowing into our lives every day. This constant flow of information means there are more decisions and choices to make every single day. In contrast, the human attentional mechanism has not changed substantially. This puts a higher burden on managing our attentional resources. This increased burden makes the challenges faced by someone with ADHD even more difficult than they would have been at the turn of the 20th century.   

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for adult ADHD offers a systematic approach to help clients realize their full potential. Your clients will acquire tools and strategies to manage their attention better, reduce disorganization and disruption in day-to-day life. ADHD clients have not had enough practice with organizational skills and attention management. Treatment with medications enhances attention but that is only one piece of the puzzle, the ADHD client also needs to master concrete skills to navigate everyday life. This is what a specific cognitive behavioral therapy approach for adults with ADHD can provide. Evidence shows that CBT adds to the medication treatment and its effects are durable over 12 months period.  

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