IXT Mind CBT Traning

Train better, be Better: Integrated and Experiential CBT Training

Current cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) practice is generally limited by the application of a singular CBT conceptual framework. Our curriculum takes a phenomenological approach to mental health issues so as to fluidly combine CBT’s three major roots: Behavioral, Cognitive, and 3rd Wave. IXT Mind provides an integrated transdiagnostic – and therefore unique – CBT model.  We invite you to hone your clinical or academic practice by learning from experts with experience in multiple therapeutic approaches.
Problem Specific CBT Workshops
Our courses use a rigorous, hands-on approach to enhance application. Modules can be delivered in a physical training room, or via online classroom.  Every workshop has been refined with feedback and clinical experience from both the UK and Canada, as well as Dr. Rao’s further training in different schools of CBT. Due to the growing range of identifiable psychological disorders, IXT modules focus upon appropriately matching technique and situation. We provide CBT workshops tailored to address the following:

  • Depression
  • Panic Disorder
  • Social Anxiety
  • Common Phobias
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Health Anxiety and Somatic Symptoms Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Concurrent mental health addictions
  • CBT for Psychosis
  • CBT for co-morbid physical and mental health conditions
Trans-Diagnostic CBT Workshops
We offer integrated CBT workshops which cut across diagnostic boundaries. These include :

  • Transdiagnostic Experiential CBT for Rumination
  • Transdiagnostic CBT for Perfectionism
  • 3rd Wave and Mindfulness Approaches
  • Schema Approaches in CBT
  • Imagery and Rescripting CBT Workshops
  • Strengths Focussed CBT
  • IXT Mind CBT Supervision Training
  • Cultural Competence in CBT
CBT 5 Day Intensive Program
Our 5 day intensive program is a continually updated set of overlapping workshops. It is an experiential and systematic integration of the 3 waves of CBT : Cognitive, Behavioural and 3rd wave mindfulness.

The course engages participants through the immediate application of the psychological therapy principles being taught. Experiential exercises, creative visual approaches, role-playing, and consistent feedback, forms the backbone of the 5 day intensive program. Key principles are repeated and summarized throughout to consolidate learning. By the end of the course participants have an overview of CBT applications as they apply to the most common mental health disorders.

CBT Certificates
The certificate program has evolved through extensive feedback from therapists and trainees in both the UK and Canada. It has been applied across the province of Nova Scotia for development of therapists in health services since 2011. The IXT Mind Certificate Program is tiered as follows :

Level 1:

Requires the 5 Day Intensive Program.

Level 2:

Requires modules in depression and anxiety disorders: panic, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, OCD, common phobias, PTSD.

Level 3: Supervised Practice Certificate

Requires 20 hours of supervision with the completion of at least 8 cases of therapy.

Level 4: Accredited supervisor training.

Requires the treatment of 50 patients, 75 hours of supervision, 10 hours of supervision and additional training/practice in at least one of the 3rd wave CBT schools.

CBT Supervision Program
The supervision program is a rigorous experiential CBT training approach developed in both the UK and Canada. Educational supervision can be delivered individually and in groups, either in person or through the internet. Audio recording of therapy sessions are needed for Level 3 certification. Trainees often report significant increases in CBT skills thanks to hands-on supervision.

Well-Being Training

Making it work

Wellbeing and resilience have become ubiquitous psychological concepts. As buzzwords, their practice and application has become vulnerable to lifestyle trends and pseudo-science. At IXT Mind, our well-being and resilience training is based on medical practice, positive psychology, and the social sciences. Courses combine applied mindfulness with cognitive behavioural psychology, the neuroscience of meditation and specific knowledge of spiritual traditions. Our workshops also draw from the practical experience gleaned from our wide range of clients, so as to emphasize highly specific, evidence-based approaches. Our coaches work across cultures and academic disciplines and their pedagogy is motivated by a simple premise : teaching what actually works.
Mental Strategies & Decision Making Workshops
Extensive research shows that mental processes are imprecise and prone to errors.  There are evolutionary advantages to quick thinking even if precision is lost, yet there is also a cost: it can make living miserable.

Our mental strategies training is based upon the clinical sciences, psychology and behavioural economics. It turns research findings into a common sense approach to effective thinking and decision for daily life.

Enhancing Mental Health at Work Workshops
The application of mental health practice at work is a significant research area at IXT Mind. Our approach applies scientific knowledge, professional expertise and practical problem solving, with the aim of improving employee health, happiness, and productivity by improving their relationship with work.
Comprehensive Mindfulness Training System
There are few mindfulness curriculums taught by trainers with experience across cultures and academic disciplines.

IXT Mind provides an integrated approach, combining applied mindfulness with cognitive behavioral psychology, the neuroscience of meditation and specific knowledge of spiritual traditions.